Cat Doesn’t Give a Damn About Dude’s TV, Sends That Thing Tumbling to the Ground

 In Humor

This may come as a surprise to many people, but I’m actually a bit of a cat person. Don’t get me wrong – I’m just an animal person in general. But, I have a special connection to cats. Maybe it’s because I’m like a human cat myself – I go through phases where I want attention, but for the most part, I just want to be left alone. I also do what I want. So, if anyone is going to appreciate this cat acting like a wild ass beast, it’s going to be me.

As usual, here’s a link in case Instagram takes this video down.

Love it – I absolutely admire the decision this cat made. “Do I continue having fun at the expense of this glowing light box? Or, do I respect the human’s space and chill out? Nah, I’m going to show off my sick skills.”

That’s how you have to live life, folks. You have to do whatever brings you the most glory. Wave at the haters, “especially the haters,” to quote our President.

Look at this cat, for example – he’s famous now. All because he was just being himself. So, go jump through someone’s TV today, people. I hope that’s what you take away from this article today.

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