We Can’t All Be the Hardy Boyz, I Guess

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I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to backyard wrestling and growing up in the Attitude Era. It was just in your genes back then. I watched the Hardy Boyz. Coincidentally, I did stupid shit off of ladders. That’s just the reality of late 90s, early 2000s era wrestling fans. Looking back, yeah – I get why my parents were so adamantly against me throwing myself off of things, despite pleas that “I was just landing on a trampoline” and “you can’t get hurt on a trampoline.” Now, I see clips like this, and I definitely understand why I should’ve just left this stuff for the pros.

As usual, here’s a link in case Instagram takes this down.

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I have no idea what kind of stunt this dude is trying to pull off. But, be it backyard wrestling or otherwise, the lesson is still the same. No one’s as comfortable on top of a ladder as a Hardy named Jeff or Matt. They make it look easy. We should all keep that in mind the next time we find ourselves on top of a ladder.

You may think, “I’m going to do a sick Swanton Bomb onto that picnic table,” but you probably don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s more likely that you end up face down in a pile of broken bones like this dude than walking around like the talk of the town for your amazing stunts.

That’s just not real life, people. I don’t care if your boy is holding the ladder for you. You saw how that panned out here.

Again, I have absolutely no idea what this guy was going for and why he didn’t just jump off the ladder. Like, why was he intent upon bringing the damn thing down with him? I don’t know, but man – it didn’t work out for him.

A little lesson in physics: if a ladder doesn’t have anything to prop itself up on, it will fall over.

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