I Had A Grand Time As An American Savoring The Irish Cinema

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Ireland doesn’t believe in air conditioning. I feel like you all need to know that upfront. Seeing a movie without it became my biggest fear once my girlfriend and I decided to go to the Savoy Cinema in the heart of Dublin’s City Centre. It’s the oldest in town, built in 1929.

And once inside, I was unbelievably relieved when I felt air in our small auditorium. image-13Savoy certainly has that classic look and feel, but they must’ve done some work on it recently because our screening had that new car smell. Perhaps it was the comfy black seats we sat in. Before you even ask, they were not recliners, yet they provided some decent cushion for my bum. Also, our particular theater was quite cozy, seating up to maybe fifteen people. To me, it made this whole experience that much better.

The movie we chose was quite fitting since it was about Oscar Wilde, who was born in Dublin and has an excellent memorial statue inside Merrion Square. The Happy Prince is the name of the film, which actually does not come out in America until October. My thoughts on it can be found on down.

As a movie nerd, it’s always fun for me to visit different movie theaters around the world. I have quite a few movie tickets from different states, but having one from Ireland is pretty special. And, I’m no longer a virgin when it comes to paying for a movie in euros!

It was the right film in the most perfect location, and I enjoyed it all with my shoes off. I had blisters because we walked ALL OVER the country.


3 out of 5 stars

Rupert Everett writes, directs and stars in a tragedy depicting Oscar Wilde’s final days. In a forbidden romance entangled with his own demise, Everett is sensational as the legendary literary mind. But as much as this story is told with a passionate and poetic voice, the director’s vision isn’t quite as sharp and restricts us to only a taste of Wilde’s genius.

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