Movie Review Rewind: W. (2008)

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At first, I thought this movie was supposed to be a joke. If you saw any of the first previews, it definitely seemed that way. But, the movie became more interesting to me the closer the release date got. I saw other previews that made it seem better and saw Josh Brolin on talk shows discussing it. He was the main reason I wanted to see it, anyway.

Brolin has come a long way, and his career choices get better and better. He really shined as one of the main characters in No Country for Old Men and has a smaller role in American Gangster. I’m sure you will see him in a lot more interesting roles in the future. But, he does a great job playing George W. Bush. He really nails the role, and took it seriously to tell the story. His performance definitely drives the movie and once the first few scenes are done, you forget Brolin and only see him as our President. It was a risk that Brolin took and it paid off for him.

Now, the director is Oliver Stone. His last movie was World Trade Center, which turned out very well. So, he takes on another controversial issue: our 43rd President. He takes you behind the scenes at what may have transpired inside the White House. I do know that Stone used research and actual scripts of his speeches to add to the movie and make it more “based on a true story.” So some things that are said in the movie were really said in reality. There are scenes that are questionable and some of the motives as to why W. does the things he does. But, you have to keep in mind that this is the perspective of Stone.

There are things that really did happen that Stone used (i.e. President choking on a pretzel). But, overall, it is still just entertainment. However, I must say that this is not a W. bashing. Stone is a liberal, but he took this story and made it as fair as possible. He really focuses on the troubles at home with W. and his dad. Stone drives the point of hostility within the Bush family. W. always trying to impress his father and never getting the recognition he thinks he deserves. Stone uses these issues to perhaps explain why W. has acted the way he has.

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, this movie is about the journey of a man who became President and how he got there and the obstacles he faced. Oliver Stone said that just because you do not like the guy doesn’t mean it is not a great story. He’s right. No matter how much truth is in it, W. is interesting and entertaining.

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