No Reason to Worry About Taylor Lewan’s Holdout…Yet

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The Tennessee Titans universe shook to its very core yesterday when potentially Earth-shattering news broke. Apparently, stud left tackle Taylor Lewan is holding out of this week’s mandatory mini-camp. More on that from the legend himself, Jim Wyatt:


Or, not – you know, hey – it’s up to you, really. But, I don’t think this is anything that us Titans fans should get worked up over. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know what Lewan’s up to. All I can do is guess based on what we’ve seen. But, what we’ve seen so far this offseason is a dude who loves Nashville and loves being apart of the Tennessee Titans organization. He showed up to involuntary OTAs, helped the team unveil their new uniforms, and he crushed beers at the Preds game this postseason.

Likewise, what have we seen from Jon Robinson that would indicate a deal won’t be reached? Surely, he appreciates the integral role Lewan plays on this team. Surely, he realizes that the Titans do have some money to play around with, even with negotiations with quarterback Marcus Mariota approaching as well.

In other words, I’m optimistic.

Nate Solder just got a $62M deal from the New York Giants. That is insulting to Lewan. Now, I should say – I don’t know that Lewan is actually offended by that. I’m just saying that I am offended by Solder getting a bigger paycheck than #77. Lewan has been to back-to-back Pro Bowls, and has been graded by Pro Football Focus as one of the best offensive linemen in the game on numerous occasions. The guy is just damn good.

And, the facts are that smart franchises just don’t let cornerstone pieces walk away – do you believe that this Titans brain trust is smart? Do you believe that Lewan is a cornerstone piece for this franchise? If so, then there’s no need to worry.

Whether it’s his strategy or not, or whether it’s his agent’s strategy or not, you don’t want to risk injury until that ink dries. It’s leverage, sure, but I don’t think it’s any more ill-intended than his agent saying, “man, don’t go out there and get hurt when we’re trying to structure a big time deal for you.”

So, take a deep breath, Titans fans. It’s going to be okay. And, hey – if it’s not…then, it’s just football, right? RIGHT!?

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