Movie Review Rewind: Rachel Getting Married (2008)

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Rachel Getting Married is a small movie that has great acting. Most people will not see this for one reason or another, but they should. The story is a simple one, but complex at the same time. The basic plot is that Kym gets a pass to leave rehab for her sister’s wedding. But the complexity of the story comes out by using the characters. Kym has quite a few issues with her family and some insecurities about herself as well.

We find out why she is in rehab and how one event affected their whole family for the rest of their lives. This event really puts a strain on the entire family, but Kym really feels it. Her family loves her, but is careful and worried as well. Now I can’t tell you what the event is, but once it is revealed you understand the problem that has divided Kym from the rest of her family.

Jonathan Demme directed this film. He has directed two Oscar-winning films: Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia. This is a smaller film than those, but also more personal. He uses the camera to make you feel like you are in the wedding instead of looking from the outside in. There are scenes where the family is arguing and you feel awkward because you feel like you are in the middle of it. If seems like you are up close and personal with these characters.

Anne Hathaway plays Kym and does a fantastic job. She started playing more mature roles starting with The Devil Wears Prada, but now she has completely left the Princess Diaries in the dust. She really pulls out all the stops in this to make you feel what Kym does. There is a lot of issues within this character and Hathaway brings out the pain and anger that Kym feels.

Now there has been a lot of praise for Hathaway’s performance and she deserves it. I think, like Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley, that Hathaway could get an Oscar nomination. But the actress who plays Rachel is getting overlooked. Rosemarie Dewitt does a great job. Honestly, Dewitt really feeds off Hathaway and vice versa. They both make each other better. They seem like real sisters fighting about real situations and troubles that happen within a family. Dewitt is not mentioned enough and deserves more credit.

It becomes crystal clear that no one in the family is perfect. Kym is not the only one with problems to deal with. This film is really about a family in turmoil that is going through a healing process. And Kym is not the only one in need of healing.

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