Movie Review Rewind: Fanboys (2009)

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Fanboys is about nerds. Star Wars nerds to be exact. I maybe shouldn’t use the word “nerds” because it may seem insulting. But, we are all nerds about something. There is something that each person really loves and is passionate about. It may not be Star Wars, but it is something. But in this movie, four friends who really, really love Star Wars set on a quest to see Star Wars Episode I six months before it comes out.

Their plan is to break in to George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and steal the movie and watch it. Now all of this begins with a plan that was created in elementary school between two friends who have grown up and drifted a part. However, everyone comes back together because one of them is dying. Now this part of the story is almost unnecessary. There had to be another way to bring these friends together besides one of them having cancer. This isn’t a movie that is really heartfelt or dramatic at all.

But I must say this movie is funnier than I thought it would be. I am not a huge fan of Star Wars, but you don’t have to be to enjoy this movie. If you do love Star Wars, then you may identify with the characters, and I’m sure you will love this movie. It’s about the adventure not necessarily the task. It has funny moments and a lot of funny cameos by William Shatner, Carrie Fisher, Seth Rogan, and Danny McBride.

The one actor that I have not liked in the past is Dan Fogler. He was in Good Luck Chuck and Balls of Fury, and both were terrible and so was he. However, I must say he did not get on my nerves at all during this movie. He can be funny. Sometimes he overdoes it, but he showed potential in this. In the other two movies I mentioned, he was irritating and a second-rate Jack Black.

Fanboys captures the lives of the diehard fans. The fans that camp out days ahead of time, and the ones that can answer any trivia question no matter how specific they are. In this case, it’s all about Star Wars. And we may each know a person who is a little crazy for Star Wars. But the movie has heart and it knows its subject very well. I have a feeling one of those Fanboys may have been the director himself. And maybe you can become a fan of Fanboys.

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