What Are the Worst Sports Debates That We’re Still Having for Some Reason?

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Now, that the NFL Draft is over with, the Preds have been eliminated from Stanley Cup contention, the Making Towns Classic is over with, it’s leaving us sports guys on the site without a whole hell of a lot to write about. Last Summer, we were writing about hockey well into June and the site was booming. Now, I have no idea what we’re going to do until Titans camp starts. Now is when we start to get into zany/tired sports talk season. I don’t want us to be one of those sites. I want us to make fun of those sites – so, here we are…asking the question: what are the worst sports debates that we’re still having for some reason?

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

I don’t get it – I mean…I get the question…just don’t get why this is such a dominating topic of sports talk. ESPN dedicates seemingly round the clock coverage of James to begin with. I don’t need to hear an hour of the James vs. Jordan debate on every single show you run.

Was just having this discussion with my manager at the dreaded day job yesterday, and he brought up a better point than I’ve yet heard. These guys are like two completely different players and people, and that makes it hard to compare them in a reasonable way.

I’m tired of it. Plain and simple – I will switch the channel or spin that radio dial if you get into this debate.

Could Alabama beat an NFL team?

This is always my favorite, and subsequently, the one I believe is the dumbest. There is zero chance that any college team could beat any NFL team. You want to rewind to the early 1900s (I don’t even know if pro football was around then, and I’m not going to look – you get my point), maybe it’s a different discussion. But, the book is closed on this one and the idea that we’re still debating it almost every year is laughable.

But, really – why limit it to Alabama? Could Montgomery Bell beat the Cleveland Browns?


It’s every year. Specifically, I can remember this question popping up when Alabama won three out of four National Championships between 2009-12, and it seems we’re talking about it every year with UConn’s women’s basketball team. I don’t want to act like sports are invincible, but how long are we going to have this discussion, with people still tuning in to watch, before realizing that people aren’t tuning out?

Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

Who? Just WHO is responsible for this Patriots dynasty? The answer’s pretty obvious to me – probably both guys had a lot to do with it. Maybe? Ya think? Probably a lot of other guys, too – Malcolm Butler, James White immediately come to mind. Point is, it’s a team effort, and neither of these dudes are solely responsible for all that success.

What did I miss, SoBros Nation? Hit me.

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