Preds: So I Guess We’re Going to Destroy a Literal Jet This Round?

 In Nashville Predators

This Preds-Jets series is going to be something else. We already had Herbie Brooks talk about the actual hockey in the next round earlier this week. But, I broke down the potential Rusev-Chris Jericho feud that could (or, should) come out of the series, too. And, now we’re getting a glimpse at the next vehicle fans will be allowed to demolish outside Bridgestone Arena. All of this, and they haven’t even dropped the puck on Game 1 yet.

The Smash Car is one of my favorite playoff traditions here in Nashville. Sure, the rest of the hockey world thinks we’re a bunch of inbred, know-nothing fans. But, who cares? If there’s one thing Nashville does right – it’s party.

I can remember being out there the night the Preds eliminated the Red Wings. I was in flip-flops, but it didn’t stop me from taking my fair swing at the Red Wings Smash Car. Instead, I just kicked off my flip-flops, walked through the broken glass barefoot, and began punching the vehicle because I didn’t have a hammer. True story, the rowdy bunch of Smashvillians I was with and I decided to flip the damn thing over all together. So, we’re rocking this thing back and forth, lifting it as hard as we can.

Eventually, we got the tires up shoulder level with us…that’s about five or five and a half feet off the ground. But, it had been raining that day. So, the car started sliding on two wheels and careening towards a crowd of people, no less. So, understandably, that’s when the cops stepped in and asked us to stop being such savage degenerates.

You’re not going to get that kind of environment anywhere else in the NHL, people. And, you certainly won’t get to take a damn sledgehammer to a jet anywhere else in the NHL, either. Go Preds!

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