2018 NFL Draft Drinking Game

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We’re finally here and the NFL Draft is upon us. It’s one of the biggest events on the American football calendar of the year – some may even say it’s only behind the Super Bowl in terms of importance and fanfare. So, you know we had to do it to ’em. As the kind of disputed kings of the drinking game, we couldn’t sit idly by and watch this momentous event pass. We had to put out a 2018 NFL Draft Drinking Game…because that’s what we do.

We’ve been covering the NFL Draft like crazy this year. More work this year than any year in the past. At this point, I’m just ready to kick back, go live on Facebook and Periscope with Poppa Bear and get all the hoopla over with. Doesn’t even matter who goes where, I’m just ready for the day and ready to have a little fun.

So, with that in mind, let’s not waste any more time. And, of course, as usual, drink responsibly and all that.

2018 NFL Draft Drinking Game

Take a drink if/when…

*There’s an awkward handshake/hug between a player and Roger Goodell.

*Someone mentions Josh Allen’s “accuracy issues” -OR- Sam Darnold’s “turnovers.” This rule alone could have you crawling to bed.

*The audience boos Roger Goodell.

*Baker Mayfield is selected – subsequently grab and rustle your crotch at the nearest bystander.

*There’s a trade and someone moves up in the draft order.

*The New York Giants pass on Saquon Barkley.

*Someone brings up Ryan Leaf and/or JaMarcus Russell.

*Mike Mayock says “bubble butt”

*You realize you aren’t watching Mike Mayock. Also, take a drink because you aren’t watching Mike Mayock. Shame on you.

*They show Takk McKinley’s impassioned speech from a year ago.

*Sal Paolantonio has impeccable hair.

*They show Brett Favre laid back in jorts, getting the call that he’d been selected.

*Someone says “tweener.”

*Roger Goodell mispronounces a name. Shout out to Marcus “Marioto.”

*Anyone honestly suggests the Titans need a TE in the first round.

*Michael Irvin and Steve Smith get into a verbal spat.

*Josh Rosen has sunglasses on. Y’know…’cause he’s so cool and good and stuff?

*There’s an Avengers: Infinity War trailer, or any commercial with any sort of Avengers: Infinity War cross-branding.

*Someone says the Broncos are “fine” with Case Keenum

*Jason La Canfora is on screen and DOESN’T apologize for being wrong about so much shit, including, but not limited to, Bon Jovi buying the Titans.

*Roquan Smith falls out of the top 10 picks.

*The Carolina Panthers pass on a wide receiver again.

*More than three receivers go in the first round, and a drink for every receiver selected in the first round after the third one.

*They show Rich Eisen running the 40.

*A Bills fan goes through a table.

Take a shot if/when…

*Odell Beckham, Jr. -OR- Julio Jones is traded.

*Mel Kiper, Jr.’s hair falls off.

*They show the Josh Rosen hot tub photo.

*Chris Berman shows up and makes that awkward spoon-feeding motion with his hand while he’s talking.

*Any of the following slide past #15: Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield.

*The Titans actually draft a TE in the first round.

Stay thirsty, my friends. But, more importantly, stay safe.

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