Northwestern’s Beachfront Practice Facility Just Isn’t Even Fair

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Pat Fitzgerald came along 12 years ago and turned the Northwestern Wildcats into a regular contender. They’re currently riding a three-season bowl streak, but they’ve been to bowl games in eight of Fitzgerald’s 12 seasons. It’s pretty remarkable for a school that people perceive as one of the “brainy” schools – you know what I’m saying. “They send lawyers and doctors into the world – not football players!” But, you’re seeing that perception change across the country – from Stanford to Vanderbilt, and Northwestern is a part of that.

Well, it looks like the Wildcats are upping their game even more. This August, their new lakefront practice facility will open up, and this thing looks like a damn fever dream:

Courtesy of SB Nation:

And it’s part of a broader athletics complex which will open in August that costs a pretty penny to boot at $260 million.

As the most expensive practice facility in the Big Ten, few, if any, projects compare to the size and scope of NU’s new lakefront complex, and the new buildings will allow athletes to practice on campus rather than 1.5 miles to the west near Ryan Field. The next-most expensive practice facilities project in the conference is unfolding at the University of Minnesota, which announced a $190 million plan in 2013.

You can check out the full teaser video here:

Just absurd – next thing you know, those damn Wildcats are going to be chanting “we want Bama!”

It’s a championship move for a program that is obviously ready to take the next step. But, for a Midwest, Big Ten program – this thing kills two birds with one big ass lakefront stone. First, it just looks awesome. What 18-20 year old kid wouldn’t want to go play football or any other collegiate sport in that type of facility? Second, you always hear about recruiting in the Big Ten being difficult because kids don’t want to go play in the cold all season. Well, you can forget about practicing in the cold with this bad boy.

No wonder Northwestern sends so many geniuses into the world. It just seems like a magical place where genius is bred in the fabric of campus culture. But, this beachfront practice facility is a real testament to the human brain and the wonders it’s capable of.

I don’t know how the SEC answers for this, but if they can’t think of something – I don’t know, maybe a water park practice facility with water slides and sno-cones – they’re in trouble. I could easily see Northwestern winning a National Championship within the next five years because of this practice facility. They’re literally going to get every five-star recruit until the rest of college football catches up.

Bravo, Wildcats.

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