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Every Friday, we here at the SoBros Network like to give you a proper sendoff into your weekend. Something to make you laugh, something to make you happy, something to give you a raging boner, whatever you want to call it. But, anyway, we figured why not give this special column a name? So, here we are, folks – it’s the Friday Feel Good. This week, we’re going to relive the infamous old man slam dunk contest desperation heave.

Another long, hard work week in the books. This one was especially stressful and cathartic as we were trying to recover from last weekend in Chattanooga, and all of the work we put into WrestleMania weekend.

But, I didn’t just need something that made me feel good this week. No, I needed something that made me barrel laugh. Something that made me laugh so hard, I’d be afraid of a little toot slipping out involuntarily. Thankfully, the classic video of this old man sending up a desperation heave

As usual, here’s a link in case Instagram takes this down.

The desperation heave 😂😂 @clementeden

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The desperation heave is one of my favorite moves in really any sport. There’s just nothing like it. It made absolutely no sense to throw that ball up. What the hell did he think was going to happen? But, I get it – you’re panicking…you’re desperate…you just gotta try to make some magic happen.

I also love that this guy went virtually nowhere. He hit that trampoline and basically fell straight down. It’s like that trampoline amplified gravity for this man. When he bounced, it sucked him 10 feet underground, and that’s why it looks like he didn’t go anywhere. Regardless, this is all pretty remarkable.

I really want to try this one day. #Content.

Happy Friday, guys – whatever you do, stay safe out there. Celebrate life. Wave at the haters. All that stuff.

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