If a Guy Has One of These Hats on, You Just Flat Out Do Not Mess With Him

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I don’t care how many times you’ve seen a funny scene in a move. This is real life – and if you see a guard at a place like this, you better act right. Show some class. Have some respect. Definitely do not try out your day drunk dance routine in front of him. Or, you might learn a cold hard lesson just like this fella you’re about to witness.

Here’s a link in case Instagram takes this down.

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Let’s channel our inner Jim Ross here – “with God as my witness, HE IS BROKEN IN HALF!”

OUT. COLD. You should’ve known better, man. You see a hat like that on a guy and you should know that they just plain don’t fuck around. That guy was dancing, having the time of his life, thought he was being hilarious, and then boom – before he knew what happened, it was nap time.

The crowd was not at all amused by this. That one dude even stepped up like, “come on, man. He’s not feelin’ this.” But, our boy here was hearing none of that talk. He wanted to dance and act like an ass in front of this guard. The guard, give him props, put his money where his mouth is.

At a certain point, it just becomes disrespect, and that guard shut that shit down REAL QUICK. Again, a huge cue would’ve been that fuzzy top hat without a brim. If you see that on a guy, it’s best you just stay away.

Why, you ask? Well, look at your options when interacting with one of these guards. One, you can end up like old boy in the video above, dining on broken teeth and concrete. Or, the guy just won’t talk to you. Who wants to engage with someone that doesn’t give a single damn about you or what you have to say?

I’m telling y’all…these are bad dudes. How do you think they earned those hats? Think about it.

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