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Woooohooooo!!!!!! SEC Tournament CHAMPS, baby!!!! I am finally going to get to write about my UK boys and if you don’t like it… read something else! I don’t give a F!!!! I’ve been doubting them all year (I’m a realistic Kentucky Wildcats fan!), but I’m going to praise them while I can. Congrats Kentucky on your 31st SEC Tournament Win. For all you Cal haters, that’s four straight SEC tournament championships! With four different teams (realistically)! Let me tell you how I feel about Cal, the CATS, and what I expect about their dancing chances.

Let’s start off with Coach Cal.

Honestly, I like the guy. To me, he’s honest, blunt, and wants the best for his players and the Kentucky program. He’s a legit coach. There’s no one better who brings in a new team every year and has them contending to play for a National Championship. I hear it a lot… “well he gets the best players in the nation.” F that noise! He still has to get them to commit to playing for his program and have them play as veterans, not freshmen.

I’m all for some veteran players, but Cal rarely has them, so name another coach that can do what he does…I’ll wait for the ignorant comments but ain’t no one better than Cal in the situation that coaches are in now. I’ve heard some UK “fans” talk about how Cal needs to be fired after this year. Truly, you are a complete IDIOT! Who would Kentucky get that is better than Cal? I shake my head every time I hear that BS. Once again, IDIOTS! At the end of the day, he wins and has Kentucky playing for championships. He’s good in my book and I’m happy Kentucky has him.

Now let’s move on to this year’s players.

The talent is there (always will be) but these CATS just don’t have it in my opinion. I’ve watched them all year. It’s rare I change the channel on Kentucky basketball, but I did on numerous occasions this year. I saved my liver a couple years and kicking the dog by doing so. Plus, there isn’t enough whiskey in this house to erase some of those games. PATHETIC! BUT, Cal always gets his teams playing up to par and some times even above it.

They showed it in this SEC tourney! Still got work to do, but getting better every game.  Hopefully, it carries over to the big dance but I’d be surprised if they get past the second weekend. Especially, since the brackets have been set and they are a five seed. Every year, some five seed is upset! I’ll be damned! Just throw your hands up🤷🏻‍♂️. F’n Tournament committee sucks regardless every year. I have no clue how they choose seeds for teams. It’s almost like they just put all the teams in a hat and pull them out randomly. Makes no sense!

I touched base a little on what I expect from them in the tourney. Let’s dig a little deeper. Talent being there, it’s hard to say which team comes to play. This being a very young team (I hate saying that, because they are at the end of the year now), but they show it every game. Up 15 on a UT team, which doesn’t have half the talent of Kentucky (UT fans- you know I’m right) and you let them come back and almost win. I wish UK played that hard all game. UT has heart, no doubt, but UK looked like they cared and the want to win and talent = win.

People ask me “how far is UK going this year?” Hell,  I don’t know! It all depends on who comes to play. I just want to see them play hard. If they play hard and lose, (I’m not too sure who can beat them) then I can take that loss any day. If they come out and not give a damn, then by all means, kick them while they’re down. After watching them all year, I am surprised they won this SEC tourney and if they make it past second weekend… chalk it up as a great year. Ok, all together now… C.A.T.S… CATS! CATS! CATS!

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