Lipscomb University – Let’s Dance!

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Here… we … go! (I like to say it like the Joker in The Dark Knight but doesn’t have the same ring to it in this instance.) – So, let me try it again… HERE WE GO!!! Much better!

I’m putting this kind of enthusiasm out there for you, Lipscomb University! Congratulations to the men’s basketball team, coaches and faculty, players’ parents, the university, and of course, the fans! First time EVER to dance people! I know I’m a little late in this, but due to a job and family (I got kids, damnit!), I’m all over the place. Plus, it’s just…. Lipscomb. Either way, let’s dive into what I think about Lipscomb’s chances at the big dance. Now, cue the inner Joker and say it with me… here…we…go.

So first off, once again, Congrats! First time A-Sun Champions! Wooo! Very excited for them! On another note though, I didn’t watch this game. Honestly, I feel like I missed out. Doesn’t sound like a ‘defensive battle’ type of game, when winning at a score of 108-96, but what the hell do I know? I didn’t watch the game!

I do know, however, for a team to score 108 points in college is crazy shit to see. It’s not like the NBA, where games take 48 minutes and NO ONE plays defense until the playoffs. Any who, I was impressed with the score. I was also impressed with them going down to FGCU (“Dunk City” for those who remember and don’t) and cutting them damn nets on down! FGCU fans… 🤦‍♂️.

You’re not supposed to lose the championship in your own home, but it happens. Trust me, I’ve seen some shit happen in college basketball ( I STILL hate Laettner!). It does seem like scoring this amount of points and playing that well on the road is never a bad combo going into the NCAA tourney.

This being the men’s basketball program’s first time to go into the NCAA tourney is a plus and a minus. The plus side – they don’t have anything to worry about. If you play bad, everyone just thinks a “little school” wasn’t ready for the show. BUT if you win, bracket buster! They got nothing to lose people! Winning on the road gives them confidence and confidence is always nice to have when going to dance!

Now, for a down side – it IS their first time to go to the NCAA tourney…EVER! Could be a deer in the headlights! No one will know until we get there.

Overall, do I think the Bisons have a chance to get past first round? No! No chance in Hell! Hahahaha I’m just messing around! I can’t tell you that because I have no clue who they will play yet. Also, if you have paid any attention to college basketball this year… anyone can win it this year! No one stands alone as the best team in college. Hell, Lipscomb University is in the tourney for the first time… EVER! ANYTHING can happen! Good luck, Bisons! Enjoy the ride and take it all in in strides. I’ll cheer ya on unless you play my CATS.

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