Yikes – How About the Old Mayor’s Mugshot?

 In Nashville

Hate to pile on the now former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry. But, I’m just catching up to this story after a hard day’s work at the day job and an inventory planning meeting for the SoBros’ summer clothing line (it’s coming. it’s great). Right now, it’s 10PM on Tuesday night, and I’m just discovering Barry’s mugshot. Boy, it is glorious for the entirely wrong reason.

I was a big fan of Barry. I want that to be known since I’ve been making jokes about all of this. Rare that I’m serious on this blog, but I can say I’m being honest when I say I was a big fan of her’s. Even put her in the Nashville Power Rankings twice way back when I actually did those. She had some ambitious, progressive ideas for Nashville that I believe would’ve carried us comfortably into the next era of our city’s great history.

To be fair, David Briley (Barry’s replacement) could further those ambitions. But, make no mistake about it – Barry crossed Nashville. She plead guilty to a felony charge of theft of property and bowed out as the city’s Mayor yesterday. But, after she was booked, police released the aforementioned mugshot:

I’m sorry – is that The Joker? Is this fresh off the set of the new Batman movie? My goodness – again, don’t want to pile on here. Certainly don’t want to make light of a situation that apparently has all of Nashville on the verge of tears. But, WHO SMILES IN THEIR MUGSHOT!?!?

Am I out of line for suggesting that this is a total lunatic move? You don’t have to go full on Lex Luger, looking like your sociopathic soul has vacated your body. But, don’t go Robert Downey, Jr. either. Barry just lost me on this one – maybe that’s a weird thing in and of itself. Of all the things, it’s the mugshot that finally has me asking, “what the fuck are you thinking, MMB?”

Gonna be tough to come back from this one.

Also, I would like to note that this article does fulfill our own policy that every article about Megan Barry will feature the word ‘yikes’ somewhere in the headline.

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