Looks Like Megan Barry Is Going to Resign As Mayor of Nashville – Yikes

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Big, big news out of the Music City this morning. This probably even qualifies as YUGE news. Megan Barry appears to be stepping down as Mayor of Nashville. It seems as though the pressure of the ongoing investigation into her affair has proved too much to overcome – or someone knows something entirely damning. That’s the good thing about being a blog…we can just wildly speculate. It’s up to The Tennessean to spit facts…

Courtesy of The Tennessean:

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is expected to announce her resignation at a press conference Tuesday morning.

The mayor has begun calling close advisers to inform them of it, according to multiple sources.

The resignation comes amid an investigation of an affair with her former bodyguard Metro police Sgt. Robert Forrest.

The resignation means that Vice Mayor David Briley will become acting mayor.

This is a developing story. But, unlike the professionals over at The Tennessean, we probably won’t be able to update this until tonight because we all have day jobs that pay the bills until this SoBros Network thing takes off.

Because we’re inappropriate human beings, we had a little fun with this story at first. But, it’s obvious that either the pressure of the public outcry got to her. That, or the investigation was heading in a direction that meant sure doom for Barry’s mayoral tenure.

No matter which way you slice it, this sucks. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

But, the main lesson we can all learn from here is that if you’re going to become a politician, maybe don’t bang your security guards (maybe).

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