Money, Money, Moooney!

 In NCAA Basketball

More money, more problems! I think someone should’ve told all these college coaches that in their interviews for a big coaching position. I’m sure some coaches have known it and just don’t give a damn or think they are really good at covering it up. Either way, I’m tired of people being surprised about coaches getting caught in scandals and act like the best coaches don’t do it. Let’s be honest with each other… every f’n big program coach DOES IT! It’s not something new. This has been going on for decades! DECADES people! Quit being surprised!

These days I chalk it up as either a program has enough money to cover their tracks or it doesn’t. Let’s not forget that there are A LOT of people butthurt over stupid shit, so coaches have to tread real lightly if they want to stay on top of the game. EVERYTHING goes viral!  Hell, everyone is looking for their 15 seconds of fame (good or bad) and honestly the bad oversees the good.

The press loves it! America loves to see programs burn to the ground! Until, it’s YOUR program! Stone Cold Steve Austin made a hell of a living telling people “Don’t trust ANYONE.” I suppose coaches were too busy to watch professional wrestling but it may have helped.

If it was me buying a player, it would be just me and the player having conversations! NO ONE else and I mean NO ONE! Too many witnesses these days. There’s always that classic basketball movie, Blue Chips, that these coaches could’ve watched as well. In case you haven’t seen it (🙄), I’ll break it down for you… a once winning basketball coach doesn’t want to pay players to come to his program.He ends up breaking down to pressure of losing and starts “buying” players to come to his college program. They end up being crazy good ( duh! They had Shaq and F’n Penny Hardaway) but rumors of players being paid get to the press. Long story made short, the coach admits the allocations and proves the press right. Great movie, personal fave, and if you haven’t seen it, sorry for the spoiler alert. Any who… my point is, someone will always be jealous of others’ success and want to bring the party down.

Being a UK fan, all I hear is bs about Cal and his past. How he’s going to screw Kentucky and all his wins will be erased because he’s “dirty”. Listen up, because I’ve got some news… he hasn’t been found guilty yet.  ESPN did a good 30 for 30 on him. Go watch it and quit throwing them stones at my blue glass house. If he was your coach and got your team all the wins, you wouldn’t be talking. Now, for another point… UK has enough cash to make shit disappear.

I tell people that all the time when they come up talking trash and amazingly they have no come back. I feel that is the truth for a lot of the blue blood colleges. Can anyone imagine if Coach K and Duke come out and get caught for paying players?!?!? Not Coach K! I’m sure even the best of the best pay players! Hell, someone better be investigating that shit Duke is doing before next year happens! Top three players! F me! Just throwing a stone real quick.

These coaches getting caught and under investigations really are getting out of control. I just don’t understand how most of these f’ers look like mobsters and get caught violating rules. With Sean Miller looking like a younger mobster, you’d have thought he’d have been able to not get caught (well, allegedly caught). Nothing is proven yet, and Arizona might be able to push a couple of money filled envelopes to the right people.

Pitino – I like the guy as a coach but he’s always been a mobster. My boy, Cal.. mobster! Izzo…mobster! Bill Self… Communist! Haha J/K! I had to call him something because he doesn’t have the mob look. Maybe more white collar but you get the picture.

Coach K… yup, you guessed it, MOBSTER! It’s just something that teams go for and I’m sure it’s the look that gets the job. Roy Williams on the other hand… NAH! He looks like a politician and I definitely don’t trust that!

I’m going to wrap this up and leave y’all with some advice. 1)Everyone is innocent until proven guilty (looking at all you, Cal haters), 2) don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house 3) make that money! People who say more money, more problems don’t know how to use that money.  

Biffy is the Lead Basketball Analyst for SoBros Network. 

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