Storm’s A Brewing – Biffy’s Take on Storming the Court

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Storms are always fun to watch. Usually these storms are Mother Nature showing her power and teaching us who is boss. But, the storms I’m referring to are “people storms” (I should probably copyright that and make a dollar).

“People storms” are fans that rush the basketball court after an upset win over a ranked team. It used to be fun to watch, but watching fans of ranked teams rush the court when they beat a higher ranked team is getting pretty old. Those used to be rare storms but these days everybody storms the court. I get it, it’s fun to celebrate a win like you were part of the team. Blah, blah, blah!

Back in the day, fans only stormed the court for rival games or if they beat the #1 or #2 team in the nation. These days, fans are coming out of the stands like they got to be the first to center court to win a million bucks. I’m not trying to stop the good storms, but some stormers need some pointers!

Hell, I’ve been apart of a “people storm.” I still remember jumping that fence and rushing the field screaming and shouting. FREEDOM!!!! The rush was amazing! I was also 17 and it was for our first football win in high school history after three years (yeah, we were that bad), but it was straight pandemonium!

It was like watching hundreds of cracked out teenagers on fire running and jumping around on a field. No, we didn’t get the goal posts down, but still a rush! Now that was high school football and I’m talking about college basketball. I’ve never done some court storming but it looks like a hoot!

Then again, some of the storms are cluster F’s and should never happen. I’m good with storming the court if your team defeats a top five nationally ranked team. Good job! If all the stars align and baby Jesus gave your team a push, get on that court, girl! Do the damn thing! Enjoy the moment!

Usually, top five teams are pretty legit and are ranked that high for the right reasons. If your team pulls that upset, by all means, live it up. I’m pretty good seeing storms at rivalry games as well. Who doesn’t love rushing a court and rubbing a win in your nemesis’ face? I know I love giving fans hell about upsets. Last second baskets… are a MUST storm, if that win is over a top 20 ranked team. I raised the ranking bar because last second shots are glorious by themselves and deserve going crazy apeshit on a court with the team.

There are some storming rules I feel I should point out:

1) If you’re trying to be a meteorologist and predict a storm on a win before the game starts, then that shit should not happen! Storming the court is a spur of the moment party! No RSVPs!

2) If there are only 5-10 people wanting to storm the court and can’t convince more than that…PLEASE, for the love of humanity, stop them! Storming the court is made of hundreds of people! People want to see a storm, not a sprinkle! You’ve seen a sprinkle before! Those jerks running  on the court after a “big” win. Looking like a bunch of dumb ass clowns trying to get other fans to join so they don’t look like dumb ass clowns. EMBARRASSING!

3) DO NOT HESITATE! Waiting to storm a court is just as bad as my second point. If you are waiting for the other team to get out of the way, just go get in your car and drive home. Players know how to get out of the way and definitely don’t want to be there after losing.

I’m going to end this rant with some positivity. Storming the court should be fun and safety is always a must! I love to see a court stormed but it better be under the right circumstances. Enjoy the moment, do it right, and embrace the storm!

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