Movie Review Rewind: Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

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“Chick flicks” are a dime a dozen, especially when Valentine’s Day weekend is coming up. They all have a similar formula, but can stand alone depending on what they can do with the plot and which actor or actress they can get to be a part of it. Confessions of a Shopaholic manages to keep the story entertaining even if you know how things may end up, and the movie has Isla Fisher who carries this movie.

The story is about a woman named Rebecca Bloomwood. She lives in New York City and loves shopping. She loves shopping a lot. And it is the brand names she is addicted to. Well, she loves clothes and fashion, but does not have the income to support her addiction. So, she finds herself in a massive amount of debt. Rebecca wants to work for a top fashion magazine, but settles on a savings magazine that is all about saving money. So this story goes in to what she has to do to keep her debt secret so her column can gain more success. The only problem is Rebecca does not listen to her own advice.

The is the first movie that Isla Fisher headlines. Most people know her as the “crazy one” in Wedding Crashers, and she provides most of the entertainment and laughs in this movie as well. You find yourself feeling sympathetic towards her character when you know it’s her own damn fault she’s in this situation. Fisher brings some insecurity to her character, but confidence as well. She knows what she wants, but she may not be approaching it in a rational way.

But the movie focuses on how materialistic people can be and they lose sight of what is important. For a “chick flick”, this movie does contain a message involving what matters in life, and Isla Fisher helps bring this story to life and the character of Rebecca Bloomwood. Fisher deserves a lot of credit because she made this movie seem different than other rom-coms even when the same formula is still there.

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