These Monkeys Look Like Terrible Drivers, but Great Parents

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We all know monkeys are some of the coolest creatures on the planet. I mean, they’re basically older versions of us, y’know? Like, we all came from monkeys, right? I think that’s how it happened. Monkeys just started producing monkeys that looked more and more like humans and eventually they turned into us. That’s just the science of how it happened. To this day, we’re still seeing monkeys doing human things, which really, to me, in a scientific sense, proves just how much we are like them and that’s cool. Anyway, I understand most of our readers don’t come here for highly intelligent science lectures lol. So,  let’s jump right in. Today, we’re seeing some monkeys driving:

The funniest video I have ever seen 😂

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Here’s a link to the original post in case Instagram takes this down.

I love this clip. I really do. It’s highly entertaining, and slightly heartwarming. What more can you ask for?

But, being the responsible journalist that I am. I have to call attention to the fact that these monkeys are driving recklessly and it seems to have really jeopardized the well-being of their dog child.

Just look at ’em. Swerving all over the road, driving into a parked vehicle that is large enough in comparison to the Prius that they are driving that it seems impossible to miss. Are they legally blind? How did they obtain a driver’s license with that sort of obvious vision deficiency?

I don’t mean to make this political, but we should really rethink how easily we allow monkeys to obtain driver’s licenses in this country.

Also, I thought it was illegal for children to ride in the back of a pickup truck? Was that revised? Did I miss something?

But, the compassion they showed in making sure their dog child was okay leads me to believe that they have real love in their hearts. I bet they’re great parents even if they do put their child’s life in jeopardy every time they fire up the truck.

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