The Titans’ Body Language Was Not Good in Yesterday’s Loss to the 49ers

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The Tennessee Titans lost an absolute heartbreaker yesterday. Going out to the Bay, only to get served by a Robbie Gould field goal as time expired that put the San Francisco 49ers up 25-23. All in all, it was a generally uninspired feeling game. The Titans have now lost two in a row to teams they were expected to beat at the start of the season. Expectations aside, the Cardinals were 5-7, and the 49ers were 3-10 when they played them. A team that once set atop the AFC South at 8-4 is now 8-6 in the middle of a hodgepodge of teams competing for a wild card.

If they want to host a first round playoff game, the Titans will need to win out and have the 49ers beat Jacksonville. It ain’t lookin’ great, folks. Especially considering their last two games come at home against the Los Angeles Rams and the Jaguars. If they couldn’t beat the Cardinals and 49ers, who were a combined 8-17 going into those games, why should we expect them to beat two teams that are a combined 20-8?

The defense couldn’t cover Marquise Goodwin. The offense was marred by a terrible run call on 3rd & 2 on the game’s crucial drive. Adoree Jackson dropped an interception. Delanie Walker dropped a touchdown. All around, it was bad.

But, perhaps the negative body language the Titans displayed was most concerning.

Side note: y’all want to know what a professional journalist I am? I noticed several players slouching, groaning, throwing their hands up, and otherwise appearing apathetic to the game. I wrote down the time on the game clock so that I could go back, tweet them, and write this piece.

The only thing is I forgot to actually record the game. So, I’m just hoping, at this point, that some people will read this and say, “oh yeah – I noticed that on this play,” and basically do my job for me.

Otherwise, you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

But, it was pretty bad. The Titans looked largely uninspired…that’s a good word for it. Some of them hung their heads. Others just looked like they didn’t even care. It was pretty insightful if you ask me. The Titans fan base has been pretty critical of offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie. They’re starting to question whether or not Mike Mularkey is the man for the job as well.

Last night, Taywan Taylor liked a few tweets that were critical of the coaching staff. Also, shout out to Two Tone Fanatics for catching that story. Amazing. So, maybe it’s not just the fanbase that’s getting a little uneasy. I mean, let’s be real. The Titans offense hasn’t clicked the way it did last year whatsoever. Maybe teams have figured it out. Maybe it isn’t as imaginative as Mularkey initially thought. Worst of all, maybe it’s not necessarily a good fit for the Titans franchise quarterback.

If the Titans finish this season 8-8, there’s going to be some serious soul-searching to do, but I’m not sure the answers to the questions reside within the organization. Could it be possible that it’s time for the Titans to move on from Mularkey, or are we rushing to judgment based on a stretch of poor performances? Does he truly have the support of his players the way he did a season ago? I don’t know. But, I ain’t in the room either.

This is all just hyperbole at this point, and if you’re on this site thinking it’s real journalism, well, then that’s on you. I’m just laying the puzzle pieces down. But, when you factor in what the Jags have done this season, and what the Texans appear to be with Deshaun Watson, this doesn’t look like the Titans dynasty everyone thought it could be.

It’s entirely possible Mularkey and company have lost the locker room.

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