People Are Already Lining up for Black Friday Deals

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Thanksgiving weekend has long since been one of my favorite weekends of the year. Hell, the last several years, I’ve actually enjoyed Thanksgiving more than Christmas. You have the family all together, the food, and of course, the football. Since I was a kid, we wake up at the ass crack of dawn to go Black Friday shopping the next day with my family. And, my friends get together for a Christmas-themed Black Friday sleepover every year, and have been for the last 15 years. You still feel the anticipation of the holiday season, but none of the gloomy feeling of it almost being over.

But, while I have these fond memories of the holiday, I still say one of the most underrated aspects of the approaching holiday is the wild ass stories that trickle out regarding Black Friday:

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Although Black Friday is 15 days away it has not stopped one man from doing all he can do to be the first in line at Best Buy.

If you have been near the store these past few days you may have noticed the tent set up right outside the store.

One man has already claimed his spot as the first person to be in line for those Black Friday deals.

When the day finally arrives, he’ll have been waiting in line for 17 days.
While he was a little camera shy, we went to speak to him.

The man says he’s been coming up to wait in line for six years now and he’s usually the first or second person in line.

When we asked him what he’s going to do over the next 15 days he says, watch TV, listen to the news and watch people pass by.

Yes, first things first – this article is a week old. #JOURNALISM – so that should actually blow your mind even more.

Second of all, is Black Friday BACK!? Man! For several years now, it just hasn’t felt the same. We’ve shown up to an empty Target at 7AM each of the last few Black Friday mornings. Stores are opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving and online shopping has revolutionized the holiday. So, naturally, it seems as though the hysteria of the biggest shopping day of the year is dying down.

But, this!?!? This story thinks there may be hope for this day returning to the prestige it once held. You know – the days when people were literally trampled for Furbies, and grown ass adults would get in fist fights over Tickle Me Elmo. I love Black Friday. That is MY Black Friday. Line up for 17 days to get you a damn TV that they were probably selling for cheaper at Labor Day or something. It’s not about what makes sense. It’s about the magic of the holidays.

The only question I really have is where the hell is this guy going to poop?

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