The SoBros Network’s “Pure Sex” Playlist Is Here

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I feel like I should warn you guys that this blog is definitely NSFW, but why are we shaming something that’s so natural and beautiful?

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s face it. You read that headline. You’re here for a reason, but there’s no judging from the crew at SoBros Network. We all understand basic human needs, despite how society wants to make you feel. People love sex – it’s a part of their daily lives and it’s a part of our culture.

Folks, I don’t know how else to break it to you – but we cover the things that people love.

So, the idea was born out of desire. Sexual desires and the desire to give you guys the best possible coverage we could. Part of what we wanted to accomplish was covering the entire sexual spectrum from “nice, tender love-making” all the way to “rough, ghetto fucking.” Pardon my French….but again, it’s love – why are we shaming and censoring something so honest and beautiful?

Another part was just supplementing your sexy time with songs and words that remind you of us, so you see our faces in your mind’s eye with your partner, and remember to come back to our site. It’s called marketing, people.

Check the list on Spotify, and be sure you have a towel handy.

My personal favorites:

And before my family disowns me after reading this, I wasn’t the only one who contributed. So, check out these selections courtesy of the rest of the SoBros staff:

First, via “Nature Boy” Brandon Vick:

Next, via Ralph Waggum:

Finally, via Cadbury Pringlebatch:

That’s just a small sampling of this hormonal masterpiece. And, yes….this #nice playlist is standing FIRM at 69 songs. Check it out.

Stoney Keeley is the Editor in Chief of The SoBros Network. A strong advocate of GSD (get shit done) and #BeBetter, he’s down to talk Tennessee Titans and Alabama Crimson Tide football over a beer any day. Check him out covering the WWE for Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley@WrestlingNewsCo

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