SEC Power Rankings: Week 6


Hey guys!

Well, we’ve officially hit the halfway point of the 2017 season. It’s flying by, which should make all of us just a little sad. Personally, I’m not taking it well at all. Fortunately, we still have a solid slate of games left to indulge in.

I think we can all agree that the SEC is REALLY top heavy this year. Essentially, the top three seem to be carrying the torch and present the best chances for the College Football Playoff. The teams in the middle are playing for a respectable bowl game. The bottom teams are hoping for a bowl and a better coach next season.

How did Week 6 shake out? Let’s find out together. On to the rankings!

1. Alabama – It wasn’t the dominating win we expected, but the Tide took care of business in College Station. Here’s the thing with Nick Saban: he’s probably happy that the game was close. It’ll give him a reason to focus the team without having a loss do it for him. Expect a very focused and disciplined Alabama this weekend. That won’t bode well for the Razorbacks…..

2. Georgia – The collision course with Alabama seems all but imminent. The Bulldogs coasted over Vanderbilt and continue to dominate. They might be closer to the Tide than some will admit, and they are running on all cylinders. The steamrolling will continue when Georgia welcomes Missouri.

3. Auburn – The Tigers continue to improve on defense, while leaning on Kerryon Johnson to score touchdowns. It seems to be working, as Auburn’s only loss to Clemson is looking better every week. They’re going to have a lot to say about the Alabama-Georgia showdown, and could easily contend for the SEC Championship. They head to Death Valley this weekend.

4. Texas A&M – Who would have thought that a loss could save a coach’s job? He didn’t beat Alabama, but he gave them the best game of the season. When the season is as shaky as A&M’s started, you take moral victories where you can. And how about Kellen Mond? If he keeps improving, he’s going to be a major playmaker for the foreseeable future. We’ll see if they can capture some magic in the Swamp.

5. LSU – So, how do you come back from losing your homecoming game to Troy? Obviously, you go and ruin someone else’s homecoming. The Tigers played spoiler to Florida’s homecoming game, by stealing a win after a missed extra point. Is LSU in great shape? No. But the win should help get them back on track. What would be bigger? Taking down Auburn.

6. Florida – And just like that, the luck runs out. The team that kept finding ways to win couldn’t find an extra point, and lost their homecoming game. Same story here: good defense, no support from the offense. News flash: this story will be the same all season. They host Texas A&M this weekend.

7. South Carolina – For the love of all that is good and holy, I need you to figure out who you want to be! Last week, I wrote about how South Carolina was struggling to find an identity. Apparently, they read my article (hi guys!) and decided to make a point by destroying Arkansas on both sides of the ball. Regardless of how Arkansas looks, it was definitely a boost for South Carolina. They need to keep the momentum when they head to Tennessee.

8. Kentucky – Did anyone else know that Kentucky is 5-1? That doesn’t sound right, does it? But here we sit. The Wildcats didn’t impress by barely beating Missouri, but they’re one win away from bowl eligibility. That has to count for something, right? They head to a bye week.

9. Mississippi State – The Bulldogs come off a bye week, hoping to get back on track after two blowouts. They host BYU.

10. Vanderbilt – Well, there’s bad news and good news for Vanderbilt. Bad news: another lopsided loss. Good news: the end of the gauntlet. The defense will need to come out of hiding, and it needs to happen soon. The Commodores didn’t steal a win from the three big SEC foes, but all isn’t lost. Vanderbilt can get their first win against Ole Miss this weekend.

11. Tennessee – The Vols come off an eventful bye week. They host South Carolina this weekend.

12. Ole Miss – Two weeks in a row of getting destroyed. Things are bleak for the Rebe….err…Landsharks.

13. Arkansas – Well, I think Bret Bielema has sealed his fate. He gone.

14. Missouri – I’m really running out of sadness for this spot. I don’t think pictures can even help.

Have a great week folks! Poppa Bear loves you!

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