An Official Case Study on Paul Heggen’s Sex Appeal

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Let’s establish a quick timeline of events before we dive into my research here today:

Late 2013 – I make up my mind that I am a “Paul Heggen guy,” and decide to stick with WSMV as a part of my morning routine.

April 14, 2017 – I write this piece about Nashville Predators mascot Gnash joining Dagny and Heggen for the morning weather report. If I’m not mistaken, I said it was “the Nashville version of Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin toasting beers and kicking off Wrestlemania XXX.” In fact, I am not mistaken, because I copied that directly from that article. Nonetheless, Heggen retweeted it. It got a ton of page views – and I can honestly say that helped grow our brand as we had our biggest Summer in the site’s history. It was also just the second Summer in site history, but whatever.

July(ish (I think)) – I was out of town for a lot of July, but if I’m recalling correctly, at some point over the course of the month, WSMV pulls Heggen from the morning show.

August 10, 2017 – I write this piece as a call to action for our readers and our community to rise up and voice their displeasure with WSMV for their decision.

It was at this point when I started noticing something intriguing: the ladies love Paul Heggen. 

I’ve contemplated running with this article for about a week now. But, every now and then in this writing game, something interesting will present itself. You’ll start writing something and find something you didn’t even know existed. I had no idea this was the phenomenon that it is. But, here we are. I fired off a tweet last week, merely joking that I should run a case study on Heggen’s sex appeal. But, people actually seemed genuinely entertained by the idea. That validated it for me, and I decided to look into it more. Plus, J.R. was really excited about this, and I couldn’t let him down:

I’m willing to risk us becoming “the Paul Heggen blog” or “the Paul Heggen guys” if it means that we’re doing the right thing. Folks, this is the right thing.


Let’s start with the post itself. Back in August, I promised that if readers wrote in, I would include their comments on the blog. I received 50 e-mails about this article – 40 were from women. That’s 80%….80%!!!! 40 women sat down to take the time to write a few hundred words and send them to our blog.

Next, let’s take a look at Twitter. The original tweet containing the post garnered 19 replies or retweets. Of that 19, 13 were women, I can’t really tell what one of them is, three were dudes, and then Poppa Bear and Nature Boy were in the mix, too. Still, you do the math and that’s 68%

Finally, let’s go to Facebook. It was easily our most active platform for this piece. Actually, nope – never mind. I can’t get accurate data from the post on other pages, and we posted it like three times and got a total of 1,200ish likes…I’m not scrolling through those profiles.

There’s also a petition to get Paul back on in the mornings. I have no way to validate the data, but just scrolling through, I’m only seeing like….three dudes that have signed this thing!

It’s unbelievable.

We’re just going to stick with about 80% – 80% of the people who responded to this article were women. Those are just the cold hard facts, people. And, here’s the thing – most of the people that follow this blog are dudes (shocking). Like, 74% of our readers are guys.

This phenomenon is defying everything we know about our own demographic. Women are going places they normally wouldn’t go, just to voice their appreciation for Paul Heggen.

No offense to Paul, but damn, dude – I had no idea he was this popular. But, you look at his social media accounts and the guy has 10,300 Twitter followers. He has 21,714 likes on Facebook. That’s insane. It’s obvious the man has a huge following of people who tune in strictly for him.

He just won two ‘Toast of Music City’ awards for Best Local Weatherperson and Best Local Blog (only because we weren’t nominated for some reason). Why did that happen? Is it because people love watching him at 10PM? Or, is it because the man helped get our mornings started off on the right foot?

Not to mention he’s up for, and is the current frontrunner if you ask the room, for ‘SoBro of the Year,’ which is essentially just this blog’s favorite person. Anyway, how else can we put it:

How can someone this popular not be on our television every morning?

Looking at you, WSMV. It’s been too long, and I’m still getting notifications from people on Facebook wanting to do something about the lack of Heggen in our mornings. I think I’ve established that I don’t have much better to do with my life right now – I will scream as loud as I can for Heggen to return to mornings, and I know that 80% of the women in Nashville will help me out.

But, the kicker of it all, folks – is that the men who wrote in could’ve been in it for the sex appeal, too. We just don’t know. This could be 100% about sex appeal.


So, why is it that Paul Heggen has captured the heart of Nashville? Well, it’s hard to say without conducting a survey, and I like Paul, but listen, I have a day job and I just told y’all I’m writing 100+ articles each month here. I don’t have time for that.

I’m going to start with the voice – there’s just something about a smooth, deep, but not unusually deep voice that resonates. Second, you can’t mention Paul Heggen without mentioning his wit. Not only does he have a sense of humor, but he’s an eloquent speaker and exudes charm. Finally, you can’t help but notice the man’s style. Suit game always on point, even if he’s delivering those instacasts in the blazing hot sun. Doesn’t matter.

It’s like Frank Sinatra, George Clooney, and Bill Hall had a baby, and so Paul Heggen was born.


I don’t think there’s any other logical conclusion to draw from this piece: WSMV does not care what the Nashville woman wants.

Stoney Keeley is the Editor in Chief of The SoBros Network. A strong advocate of GSD (get shit done) and #BeBetter, he’s down to talk Tennessee Titans and Alabama Crimson Tide football over a beer any day. Check him out covering the WWE for Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley@WrestlingNewsCo

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  • Terry Hall

    We want Paul back on in the mornings… he’s the best… why fix something it it isn’t broken???

  • Stacy Nishibun

    Where is the petition to get Paul back in his spot on channel 4? We haven’t watched since they moved him.

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