This Guy Railing on the Arcade Basketball Machine Is Mesmerizing

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I like to think I’m somewhat of a pro on the ol’ arcade basketball machine. I mean, our social circle keeps stats on things like this, and I remember a night at the Hermitage Strike n’ Spare where I broke our record (51), then “Nature Boy” Brandon Vick came up and broke that record with 54 points, then friend of the site Stephen waltzes up and breaks Brandon’s record with 55 points, then I go back up and break that with 59 points. That record remains to this day.

If I’m making it sound dramatic, it’s because it was very dramatic. My point is that I have an eye for good arcade basketball players. There’s me, there’s Nature Boy, there’s Stephen, and now, we can welcome this cat to the elite category of arcade basketball players:

Is this guy a machine?

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Isn’t it kind of nice to see an article on this web site that doesn’t involve someone face planting, getting hurt, or puking? Thought this would be a nice change-up for our humor section.

But, man, oh man, can this guy float balls or what? That’s what we call it in the arcade basketball community….”floatin’ balls.” I mean, he’s as automatic as they come. Shots on shots on shots on shots on shots on shots. And, his buddy filming has no choice but to be impressed. Just wish that woman who walked by was a little more respectful – she didn’t even pause to check out the action.

I think I could probably float balls like this if my hands were big enough, but I’ve got short stumpy fingers, so I’ll have to stick to my methods for the time being…at least until they start making smaller basketballs.

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