So, What Do We Call ‘Twerking’ If You Use Your Boobs Instead of Your Butt?

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Real journalism only, folks. Don’t judge me – you’re the ones who clicked the link about boob twerking. Look, we’re social commentators…so, we have to ask these sorts of questions no matter how uncomfortable they may make people. Today, I’m posing an important question that was raised after I saw the following video:

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Twerking has become a staple of our culture and society. Indeed, make that booty bounce. But, in this instance, there’s little to no booty-bouncing. It’s all titties, folks. In case you missed it, this woman is slinging her boobs around like a bar of soap in a sock at a violent prison.

Obviously, this is twerking….of a certain variety. But, in our society, we have to have names for everything. That’s just how it works….how else will people be cool if they don’t have cool names for things? Like, twerking – does anyone know what twerking actually is? Beats me.

I have a few propositions: “boobking,” “twitking,” and “bwerking.” That’s just to name a few, but I’m sure the thousands of people who will read this article will be able to add their own suggestions. Feel free to leave those in the comments.

I think she’s on to something, though, and I hope to see more women…and men, for that matter….attempting this trend. My manboobs are not big enough quite yet to pull something off of this magnitude, but it did give me an idea that involves balls. But, if the torque on the twerk is too strong, it may be too painful to pull off.

Nonetheless, I hope you’ll all have this conversation with your families tonight. Let them know it’s okay to twerk with whatever assets you may have. It’s liberating, really.

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