I Want to Watch Game of Thrones With T-Pain

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We’ve been shelling out the Game of Thrones content this week between our finale recap and naming of the Season 7 MVP and our list of the 10 most satisfying deaths on the show. But, the hits just keep on coming!

I recently just discovered that famed hip hop artist, T-Pain, is  HUGE Game of Thrones and he dabbles in live tweeting every now and then. Some of his highlights from Sunday’s season finale:

Sounds like T-Pain was as fired up as the rest of us (except Rooster) to see Littlefinger meet his justice. I was pretty pumped at the time, but I do believe “you been creepin’ on Stark women for 20 years. TAKE THIS BLADE HOE” were the exact same words out of my mouth, too. I think there’s a t-shirt idea in there somewhere.

YOOOOOO – that’s a great point, T-Pain. I think we’re all a little skeptical of Cersei’s pregnancy.

I don’t know what this means. But, fucking Clegane Bowl!

I don’t think it weighs that much. I actually think it’s made of chocolate and covered in a nice shiny wrapper.

Honestly, wasn’t this all of us?

This is a nice reminder that a lot of people were technically rooting for incest. I would’ve loved if Jon actually dropped this line in the show….like, “Your grace. DROP. DEM. DRAWS.” I mean, he effectively said it with his eyes anyway.

T-Pain raises an interesting point here. Couldn’t the White Walkers just have built a boat to sail around The Wall? Oh, wait – there’s that whole thing about the magic protecting it, too. Who knows? Who can keep up anymore?

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