Forest Gymnast Sticks the Landing Over This Fallen Tree

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Stuck The Landing

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Wow. Just….bravo! I don’t know if they have the woods Olympics, but they need to strictly for the sake of performances by young men such as these. I mean, this is just fabulous form.

Look how effortlessly he moves in the air. It’s like he has a pair of real wings that allow him to glide through the air like a butterfly. I’ve watched the Macho Man Randy Savage deliver hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful elbow drops, and even he didn’t have anything on this guy’s body control.

Notice he dries his hand before grabbing the handle, arching his back to achieve maximum torque, and then flawless rotation. He is obviously in full control of his body from the jump. But, it wasn’t just the technique that made this leap so great.

It was overall, quite simply put, glorious. Hopefully, this will start a motion to add Forest Gymnastics to the next Olympics games. It would be easy to produce. Just think about it. All you’d need is a bus to get all of the athletes into the woods and some rope for them to swing off of and do tricks. It’s that simple. So, maybe this guy has started a real social movement. Regardless, I think it’s really important work that he’s doing.

Finally, it’s hard to tell for certain, but this guy may have broken every rib in his body.

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