I Love This Rumor That Derrick Henry Runs Hard Because He’s Extremely Ticklish

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It’s inevitable. Someone is going to take this post and present it as fact. Or, someone’s going to make a comment about our “sources” without actually reading the post. I love it. People won’t read the article, and then, will be like, “there’s no way this is true.” But, that’s how it goes. Quite frankly, we’re in the business of entertainment, and when I came across this Reddit post regarding Derrick Henry, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I knew right away I had to share this with our readers.

So, if you’re not the type of reader who is here because we’re incredibly entertaining, then you might want to get out now. If you’re the type of reader who is here for legitimate Tennessee Titans information and not nonsensical conjecture, then this probably isn’t the place for you.

But, check out this wild ass rumor:

I don’t care who you are. That’s hilarious. Now, of course, everyone is railing on whoever posted this because it is absolutely false. But, could you imagine? Try to for a second.

The lone, strongest motivator for Henry’s football success – winning a Heisman Trophy and all – is his fear of being tickled. He is so ticklish, in fact, that he runs with enough force to derail a train so as to not let anyone touch him. Some people call Henry a tractor. But, the one sure way to bring the tractor down is to tickle it!

I also think this is a glimpse into the mind of the person who posted it. Does this person think that at the bottom of all piles in the NFL, there’s just a big sissy tickle fight? Cracking me up!

Now, in the comments, there are a couple of people who are like, “no – this is real.” One guy even says Henry’s cousin confirmed it. Who knows? And, really – who cares? This is one of the most amazing Reddit theories I’ve ever read, and I have gone down some damn Game of Thrones Reddit rabbit holes.

But, folks – let’s just enjoy the hilarity of this absurd moment.

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