Game of Thrones Recap: Dany Had to Flex on ’em

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Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was all about action. We’ve seen a couple of episodes’ worth of scene setting, but Episode 4 gave us at least a bit of a payoff. Good – I don’t think my heart could have taken watching Dany served up a might ‘L.’ Tension was mounting, as her efforts to take King’s Landing without jeopardizing civilian lives were failing. But, thankfully, Jon Snow was there to help smooth things over.

Big Trouble Brewing in Winterfell

Arya made it home, and after sneaking her way past the guards, was reunited with Sansa. The two were obviously relieved to see each other alive and well. As viewers, we know just how different they are than they were the last time they were together. It’s wild seeing all the grown ass Stark children reuniting, and how they’ve all traveled such different paths. Sansa slowly starts to realize just how much and how differently Arya has grown up. Earlier in the episode, the two shared a life over the idea of Arya having a list of people she’s going to kill, until mopey ass Bran ratted her out under the tree, and yeah – that list is real. Then, Sansa watches Arya train with Brienne, and looks like she could stand to vomit. Breaking news: Arya is a stone cold assassin.

It looks like this could already become a strain on their relationship, BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE. Some of you may remember that Arya holds Littlefinger responsible for Ned’s death, so at some point, his name was on her list.

All around, just not a good show for that slimy bastard. Not only is he beginning to realize that these Stark kids are wild as hell, but Bran flat out freaked him out. He thought he was offering a kind gesture by handing Bran the dagger that someone used to try and kill him earlier in the show. Bran asks him if he knows who it belonged to, and Littlefinger says he doesn’t.

Considering Bran knows everything that ever happened, everything that is happening, and everything that will happen, it seems as though he’s gauging how much Littlefinger knows or is seeing how honest he’s being. Either way, you can’t help but feel like things are going to get serious in a hurry up North. I don’t know that Littlefinger survives, but it looks like he’s starting to realize that Bran poses a huge risk to his advancement in the game.

By the way, Bran’s continual detachment from humanity sucks. Meera says it best. It seems Bran did die in that cave.

Dany Flexed On ‘Em

Meanwhile, at Dragonstone, Jon shows Daenerys some old paintings in the dragonglass mine, and honestly they are shitty paintings. If Jon is trying to get laid here as all the fanboys seem to think, he needs to show a classy woman like Dany some better art. But, nonetheless, the information held within is important. They show the First Men uniting with the Children of the Forest to take down White Walkers. Jon tells her that’s what they need to do now, and it seems to set in. Maybe she finally realizes that Jon isn’t bat shit crazy? Regardless, the mood is ruined when Tyrion and Varys inform Dany that everything has gone to shit.

She’s undoubtedly feeling the pressure, and given the way she snapped at Tyrion, telling him his strategy isn’t working, she started to feel a bit desperate as well. Jon must be growing on her, because she asked for his advice on how to right the ship. The King in the North agrees that if she storms King’s Landing and sets the sumbitch on fire, she’s no different than the kings and queens before her.

So, they decided to ambush the Lannister army on its way back to King’s Landing. And, well – for the first time this season, it feels like Dany delivered a crushing blow to Cersei. We get our first glimpse at just what a dragon can do in battle and it is devastating. It turned a hundred men into ashes in a matter of seconds.

More importantly, we get a look at just how effective the giant spear that Qyburn cooked up is at potentially killing dragons. Bronn’s efforts came up short, but he put the dragon and Dany both on the ground. As Dany tries to get the spear out of her dragon’s shoulder, Jaime rides to kill her. Of course, the dragon notices and just when it appears Jaime is going to be eviscerated from the Earth, someone (that was Bronn, right?) shoves him off the horse and into a lake. I mean, sure, he’s wearing a ton of armor that is weighing him down to the bottom of the lake, but you know….otherwise safe.

This was huge. It was an instant reminder of exactly how much damage Dany’s dragons can do. And now, Dany’s camp knows how Cersei plans to combat the dragons. This is a vital piece of information for Dany to have. PLEASE tell me we’re going to see dragons with armor the next time they fly into battle.


*Not a big Cersei episode, but her interaction with the creepy guy from the Iron Bank is important. In case you didn’t catch it, it appears as though Cersei is going to use her line of credit to hire mercenaries.

*I asked for more Bronn, and I got more Bronn. I’m not sure how it would happen, but I hope he one day gets his castle.

*Theon Greyjoy, still a bitch.

*It looks like we’re going to get White Walkers next week, so everyone prepare to say your goodbyes to Tormund and the wildlings.

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