Some Assholes Are Talking About the Titans Being the Next Dominant Team in the AFC, so We'll Probably Lose for the Next Decade

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Here I am thinking the Tennessee Titans hype train hasn’t made it outside of Nashville just yet. That no one nationally is going to start spitting out some of the nonsensical optimism that I see on Titans Facebook every day.

That’s to be expected of fan communities – people who ride or die by their football team. Fans who think their superstitions have an effect on game day. Folks that say we’re going to win the Super Bowl every year.

Asking if the Titans are the next dominant team in the AFC is absolutely insane right now. The next dominant team in the making? Which team is actually dominant right now? The New England Patriots, of course. This is absolutely 1,000% a reference to the Pats. So, why not just phrase it like you mean it – are the Titans the next Patriots?

You’re really going to ask this after a 9-7 season and one good draft? Come on, it’s not even June yet. It’s way too early in the season to be talking about stuff like this.

A couple more things. First, just asking the question is the precursor to actually thinking the question is valid. Second, even just floating this idea out there is terrible juju. You can’t be talking like this after one good season…especially when the Titans have the benefit of playing in the AFC South, or as its been jokingly called, the second best division in the SEC.

Leave that shit to Titans Facebook, where it belongs.

Instead, you just had to throw that jinx out there. Are these guys Patriots fans? Are they sensing the New England-like moves and, out of fear of the Titans eventually dethroning the Patriots, trying to enact karma?

That’s how it happens for me anyway. I say something will be good and it’s bad. I say, “boy – I’m having a good day.” Then, I drop my backpack on my toe. You know, that real shitty type of luck where you can’t say anything about anything out of fear of jinxing it.

Check out the clip here on

A few thoughts on the actual clip itself:

*Were the Titans the best team in the division last season? Yeah, I think that’s fair to say, judging by the eye test. They just didn’t put it all together until nearly half the season was over. One more win, or one more Texans loss, and the Titans were in the playoffs.

*At least they pronounced Mariota correctly. The fact that his name is still being mispronounced elsewhere still is crazy.

*Homeboy is accountable, saying he shouldn’t be on the NFL Network. I’ll give him that – though, you know, all of us writers are wrong more than we’re right. No need to be so hard on yourself, slugger.

*Marshon Lattimore is not happening, bruh. Robinson does not like one-year wonder type guys. He wants producers.

*The Titans secondary did, in fact, get Doug Marrone hired. This is a valid point.

*All of these criticisms of the Titans are all points fans have been making for years, “defense” “build through the draft” “number one receiver” etc. etc.

Bottom line – let’s be responsible here. Don’t go putting unrealistic expectations into the fans’ hearts. Also, don’t jinx my favorite fucking football team.

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